Position Clinical Neuropsychologist
Location Phoenix, AZ

We anticipate hiring 3-4 outstanding clinician-scientists or clinician-educators in the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology; two or three junior level clinical neuropsychologists (at the Assistant Professor level) and one or two mid-career/senior neuropsychologists at the Associate Professor/Full Professor Level in the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology.

The first position is for a Clinical Neuropsychologist to work primarily on the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at the BNI. In this capacity, the individual will be responsible for conducting neuropsychological assessments of a wide variety of patients admitted to this unit with known or suspected epilepsy. Responsibilities will also include participating in Wada testing. This position requires supervision of post-doctoral fellows/residents and active involvement in clinical research. This position also requires conducting neuropsychological assessments in the Outpatient Neuropsychological Consultation Service, depending on the clinical workload.

The second position is that of a Clinical Neuropsychologist working primarily as a generalist in the Outpatient Neuropsychological Consultation Service. In this capacity, the individual will see a wide range of individuals with known or suspected brain disorders. While the purposes of these evlaluations vary, they often include the assessment of individuals with traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, mild cognitive impairment, dementia of various types, movement disorders, and patients who present with memory complaints for which no underlying neurological disturbance can be identified.

The third position is for a Clinical Neuropsychologist interested in geriatric neuropsychology. Although the incumbent of the position will evaluate persons with a range of neurological or suspected neurological disorders, persons with interest in mild cognitive impairment, neurodegenerative disease, movement disorders, and/or deep brain stimulation are particularly encouraged to apply for this position.

The fourth position is for a Clinical Neuropsychologist interested in traumatic brain injury and brain rehabilitation. The incumbent of this position will provide assessment and treatment of a variety of patients, but especially of persons with concussion/TBI. Much of the work will be in an outpatient setting, but additional consultation on an acute inpatient rehabilitation unit is also involved.

In all positions, the clinical neuropsychologist will have opportunities for developing psychological intervention programs for patients they evaluate.

All positions involve teaching/supervision of neuropsychology residents.

Initially protected research time can be negotiated by individuals with clear promise (record of publications and/or funding) of establishing a vital and externally funded research program.

Persons not already board certified in neuropsychology will be expected to be certified within two years of employment. Board-certified, mid-career applicants can also be considered for eventual appointment as training director of the residency program.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to:

Alexander I. Troster, Ph.D., Professor and Chair
Dept. of Clinical Neuropsychology
Barrow Neurological Institute
222 W. Thomas Rd., Suite 315
Phoenix, AZ 85013