Culture & Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the NAN Culture and Diversity Committee is to increase the knowledge of diversity issues and to promote the inclusion and affirmation of diversity, in its broadest sense, through science and human understanding. Diversity includes the intersections of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, socioeconomic status, physical attributes, as well as other personal and social characteristics that comprise individual identity.

  Chair: Paola Suarez, Ph.D. 
Committee Members: David Gonzalez, Ph.D., Mirella Diaz-Santos, Ph.D., Timothy O'Brien, Ph.D., Lawrence Pick, Ph.D., Luz Restrepo, Psy.D., Adrianna Strutt, Ph.D.

Tony Wong Diversity Award


The NAN Culture & Diversity Committee is extremely pleased to announce the fifth annual diversity award in honor of Dr. Tony Wong. NAN members -- please nominate your peers and trainees! Self-nominations are also accepted.

*    Students, post-doctoral residents, and early-career members of NAN (within five years of graduating) are eligible to apply for the 2017 Tony Wong Diversity Award.  Awardees receive $500 (students and post-doctoral residents) or a commemorative plaque (early-career members) in recognition of their efforts to promote public education, advocacy, and research in brain health in culturally diverse and minority communities.

*    Nominations are also being accepted for the Tony Wong Diversity Award to recognize outstanding mentorship in relationship to diversity.  Mentor awardees will be celebrated and presented with a plaque at the NAN conference.

Please click here for more information or to submit a nomination. The deadline to submit a nomination is midnight EST on September 1, 2017. To make a donation to fund the Tony Wong Diversity Award, please click here.

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Past Awardees:

  • Tony Wong Diversity Award for Outstanding Work Related to Diversity as a Mentor
    2015 Margaret Lanca, Ph.D.
    2014 Jennifer J. Manly, Ph.D.
    2013 S. Walden Miller, Ph.D.

  • Tony Wong Diversity Award for Outstanding Work Related to Diversity as an Early Career Professional
    April D. Thames, Ph.D.
    2013 Maiko Sakamoto, Ph.D.
  • Tony Wong Diversity Award for Outstanding Work Related to Diversity as a Graduate Student or Post-Doc
    2014  Mirella Diaz-Santos
              Paola Saurez
    2013  Nicholas S. Thaler, Ph.D.  

Culture and Diversity Committee Activities

Conference Diversity Grand Rounds: In 2010 Yamilet Escabi presented a case of ADHD and developmental challenges in a Puerto Rican boy. Dr. Tedd Judd presented a criminal forensic case of an Oromo man. Panelists, Drs. Shelley Peery and Liza San Miguel provided insights and facilitated a lively discussion.

Diversity Abstract Award – This award began under the tremendous leadership of Dr. Ruben Echemendia and David Lechuga. The recognition is awarded at the annual NAN conference for the best student poster that reflects diversity-related topics or issues. The general procedures for selecting this award are the same as the Student Poster. More information can be found here.

Past Awardees:

  • 2016:  Alicia Nunez
  • 2015:  Hannah Wadsworth
  • 2013:  Diego Rivera
  • 2013:  Erik Ringdahl
  • 2012:  Melissa Edwards
  • 2011:  Rachel Weber
  • 2009:  Maiko Sakamoto
  • 2008: Annelly Bure-Reyes
  • 2007: Christian Carter and Jennifer Harms-Gillette
  • 2006: Karen Blanc Friedman
  • 2005: Liza San Miguel-Montes

Webinar Teleconference – The Culture and Diversity Committee is hosting a webinar series with the theme of excellence in assessment of individuals of diverse backgrounds. An expert in the area of cross cultural assessment will make a presentation on issues related to diversity in assessment, to be followed by a case presentation. There will also be an opportunity for peer consultation.

Click here to view the recording of "Clinical Considerations in the Neuropsychological Evaluation of African American Clients" from July 25, 2012.

Student/Trainee Leadership and Mentoring – Dr. Farzin Irani, Melissa Castro, and Asal Houshyarnejad – This diversity subcommittee has focused on representing student/trainee related issues. Efforts have recently focused on designing and implementing a survey geared towards understanding the diverse backgrounds of students in neuropsychology in order to increase student involvement in NAN, enhance the student experience at NAN conferences, improve diversity and student oriented programs and ensure representation of the interests/needs of diverse student members. This survey will be available soon.

This Student/Trainee subcommittee is also working on implementing a peer-mentoring program that would pair trainees at increasingly higher levels of experiences (e.g. undergraduate-graduate students, first year grad student-upper year grad students, interns-post-docs, post-docs-professional neuropsychologists). The mentoring program is intended to be a useful mechanism for helping students who are interested in neuropsychology. Mentors will provide advice to the student on aspects of graduate school, applying for internship, and research and leadership opportunities, or be able to direct the mentee to appropriate resources.

Collaboration – The Culture and Diversity Committee and Women in Leadership Committee co-sponsored a student / early career development workshop at the 2011 annual NAN Conference. Scholarship Availability (Collaboration with NAN Women in Leadership)

Sponsored NAN 2010 Conference Talk – The Culture and Diversity sponsored Dr. Barbara Cohen’s well received talk on working with deaf and heard of hearing individuals.

Become a NAN Fellow: Nominations for Fellow are solicited in the late spring/early summer of each year. The Culture and Diversity Committee would like to encourage NAN members, and especially those from diverse backgrounds, to apply for fellow status in NAN. Minorities and women in particular are often reluctant to nominate themselves, but we want to encourage you to do so. Please nominate yourself or someone in the field who has made significant contributions to the field of neuropsychology by clinical excellence, teaching, research contributions, and/or service. Attaining fellow status is an excellent way to demonstrate your leadership and commitment to the advancement of neuropsychology. The Fellow nomination period for 2013 is currently closed, but please consider making a nomination for the future. A list of current NAN Fellows can be found here.

Get Involved – Whether you are an individual with knowledge or experience of diverse populations or have an interest in this important subject, become involved with a NAN Committee. The NAN Diversity Committee is always looking for your input so please feel free to contact us.

Education / Guideline Papers

Links – With contributions from the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society and Dr. Tedd Judd

Information about the mentoring program/database and EMA Listserve

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International Resources:


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