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Board & Committees

Board of Directors of the National Academy of Neuropsychology

The NAN Board of Directors is comprised of ten voting members, the seven Elected Officers and the three most recent past presidents, and the Executive Director, who is a non-voting member of the Board.  

President (2014): Daniel Allen, Ph.D.
 President-Elect (2015): Grant Iverson, Ph.D.
 Treasurer (2014-2016): Laurie Ryan, Ph.D.
   Secretary (2012-2014): Donna Broshek, Ph.D.
Member-at-Large (2012-2014): Marc Norman, Ph.D.
   Member-At-Large (2013-2015): Laura Howe, J.D., Ph.D.
   Member-At-Large (2014-2016): Tanya D'Avanzo, Ph.D.
   Past President (2013): Daniel Marson, J.D., Ph.D.
   Past President (2012):  Robin Hilsabeck, Ph.D.
Past President (2011): Alexander Troster, Ph.D.
Executive Director:  William Perry, Ph.D.




Committee Chairs of the National Academy of Neuropsychology

Membership Committee. The general purpose of this committee is to review applications for membership in the Academy.



Chair: Frederick Kadushin, Ph.D., ABN 

Members: Franklin Brown, Ph.D.,  Anthony DeMarco, Psy.D., Kristen Triebel, Psy.D., Anthony Ruocco, Ph.D., Wael M.Y. Mohammed, M.D., Ph.D.,  Maiko Sakamoto, Ph.D., Kyrstle Barrera, Ph.D. (Trainee Member), Taeh Ward, Ph.D. (Trainee Member), Elyse Parke, B.A. (Student Member), Dan Brown, B.M. (Student Member)

If you would like to become a member of NAN, or have questions about your application, contact the NAN Main Office, e-mail: office@nanonline.org


DistanCE E-Learning Committee.
  This committee maintains, advances and develops online continuing education programs.

   ChairJeremy Hertza, Psy.D.

Members: Robert Fallows, Psy.D., Ashlee Loughan, M.Ed., Ph.D., Stephanie Northington, Ph.D., Sarah Viamonte, Ph.D., MSPH

DistanCE Program. The distanCE Program offers Internet-based continuing education courses.

For information on the DistanCE Program, please contact the NAN Office.

Education Committee. This committee provides the overall organization and supervision of the continuing education activities of the Academy.


   Chair:  Maureen O'Connor, Psy.D.


Members: Stephen Moelter, Ph.D., Brandon Gavett, Ph.D., Julie Horowitz, Ph.D., Erin Reynolds, Psy.D., Benjamin M. Hampstead, Ph.D.

Clinical Neuropsychology Synarchy Representative (CNS): TBD

Publications Committee. This committee oversees the publication of the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, the NAN Book Series and the NAN Bulletin.


    Chair: Phillip Fastenau, Ph.D. 

Members: Lee Ashendorf, Ph.D., S. Duke Han, Ph.D., Jennifer Keller, Psy.D., Robert McCaffrey, Ph.D., Steven Miller, Ph.D., Sid O'Bryant, Ph.D., Eric Rinehardt, Ph.D., Greg Strauss, Ph.D., Adriana Strutt, Ph.D., Sam Deutch, M.S. (Student Member), Preeti Sunderaraman, M.S. (Student Member)

Program Committee. The annual conference is planned and conducted by the Program Committee.

2014 Program Chair:  Gregory Strauss, Ph.D.

Members: Sarah M. Viamonte, Ph.D., MSPH. (Immediate Past Program Chair), Russell D. Pella, Ph.D. (Poster Chair), Andrea Zartman, Ph.D. (Immediate Past Poster Chair), Danielle Bello, Ph.D., Brian Leany, Ph.D., Nicholas Thaler, Ph.D., Daniel Smith (Student Volunteer Coordinator), Victoria Merritt, M.S. (Student Volunteer Coordinator), 

Fellows Committee. This committee established standards and inducts the Fellows of the Academy.

 Chair: Robin Hilsabeck, Ph.D.


Nominating Committee. The slate of candidates for the NAN offices are proposed by this committee.

 Chair:  Daniel Marson, J.D., Ph.D.


Policy and Planning Committee. The role and function of the Committee shall be to develop recommendations to present to the Board of Directors relative to such matters as long-term goals and planning and amendments to the By-Laws.

 Chair: Robert Denney, Psy.D.


Members: Laurence Binder, Ph.D., William MacAllister, Ph.D., Paul Richards, Ph.D., Ronald Ruff, Ph.D., Michael Stutts, Ph.D., Gayle Hostetter, Ph.D.


Awards Committee. This committee processes the awards nominations and proposes the award recipients to the Board of Directors. Awards consist of the Nelson Butters Research Award, the Early Career Award , Early Career Service Award, Outstanding Dissertation Award and the Award for Career Contributions to Clinical Neuropsychology.

 Chair: Richard Naugle, Ph.D.

 Members: Bradley Axelrod, Ph.D., Erin Bigler, Ph.D.,Julie A. Fields, Ph.D., Kathleen Haaland, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Yana Suchy, Ph.D., Margie Hernandez, B.A. (Student Member)

Cultural and Diversity Committee:   The Culture & Diversity Committee's roles and functions are to respond to issues involving diversity and to promote diversity within NAN and the broader neuropsychology community. Diversity will be broadly defined to include but not be limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and physical/sensory/functional limitations.


   ChairShelley Peery, Ph.D.  

Members:  Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla, Ph.D., Alyssa Arentoft, Ph.D., Joy Clark, Ph.D., Barbara Cohen, Psy.D., Peter Van Oot, Ph.D., Tony Dugbartey, Ph.D., Rabia Siddique, Psy.D., Johanna Rengifo, M.S. (Trainee Member)

Finance Committee:  The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist and advise the BoD regarding important financial activities and issues that impact NAN.


 Chair: Laurie Ryan, Ph.D.


Clinical Research Grants Programs: The Clinical Research Grants Program assists the NAN membership by selecting projects that focus on the practice of clinical neuropsychology and professional issues. The program funds work that, because of its clinical and applied emphasis, may be less likely to receive support funded through other grant mechanisms. The program seeks applications that will advance the profession of neuropsychology by enhancing general clinical knowledge and practice approaches. The Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the NAN Foundation for funding.


   Chair: Geoffrey Tremont, Ph.D.

Members:  Heather Belanger, Ph.D., Desiree Byrd, Ph.D., Angela Jefferson, Ph.D., Ozioma Okonkwo, Ph.D., Benjamin Hill, Ph.D.,  April Thames, Ph.D., Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Ph.D., Talin Babikian, Ph.D., Ashita Gurnani, B.A. (Student Member), Kayla Whearty, M.S. (Student Member)


Conflict of Interest Committee:  The Conflict of Interest Committee is responsible for overseeing NAN’s policies and procedures concerning conflicts of interest.

Chair: Mark Sandberg, Ph.D.

Members:  Barry Ardolf, Psy.D., J. Porter Evans, Ph.D., Psy.D., Jill Hayes, Ph.D., Robert Leark, Ph.D.


Women in Leadership Committee:  WIL addresses issues of underrepresentation in NAN senior leadership positions related to the female gender, which cuts across all cultural, ethnic, racial and other minority groups. The mandate of WIL is to increase representation of women in leadership positions within NAN, including BoD and committee chair positions, increase female representation on NAN committees, educate and inform the NAN membership about leadership resources, and to encourage networking relationships within NAN designed to increase awareness of leadership opportunities.

   Chair: Cheryl Silver, Ph.D.

Members: Melanie Greenaway, Ph.D., Chriscelyn Tussey, Psy.D., William Ernst, Psy.D., Angelica Escalona, Ph.D., Shelley Pelletier, Ph.D., Heidi Rossetti, Ph.D., Andrea Casher, Psy.D., Clea Evans, Ph.D., Callie Brockman, M.S. (Student Member)


Legislative Action & Advocacy Committee:  The LAAC researches and studies public policy issues that impact the field of neuropsychology, provides feedback to the Board of Directors, takes a position on national legislative issues, communicates with elected officials on issues that pertain to neuropsychology, and educates the membership regarding laws that impact the field of neuropsychology. 


  Co-Chair: .Beth Caillouet, Ph.D. 
  Co-Chair: Shelley Howell, J.D., Ph.D.

Members: Vivian Begali, Ph.D., Bonny Forrest, Ph.D., J.D., Michael Schoenberg, Ph.D., Karin McCoy, Ph.D., Mark Barisa, Ph.D., Alice Ann Holland, Ph.D., Anne Kalifeh, Psy.D., Krystle Barrera, Ph.D. (Trainee Member), Kyle Jennette, CSP (Trainee Member)


Professional Affairs and Information Committee:  The NAN Professional Affairs and Information Committee (PAIC) was developed to address professional issues in neuropsychology. The PAIC’s goals are to provide practice-related information to the NAN membership, provide professional advocacy on behalf of clinical neuropsychology and consumers of neuropsychological services, develop and provide practice-related information and resources, promote the profession of clinical neuropsychology by interacting with local and national organizations that directly impact the profession of neuropsychology (e.g., health insurance companies, other health care professionals) and educate the general public regarding neuropsychology’s role in health care.


  Chair: Tresa Roebuck-Spencer, Ph.D.

Members: Brenda Austin, Ph.D., Paul Richards, Ph.D., Jonathan Woodhouse, Psy.D., Gina Formea, Ph.D., Teresa Deer, Ph.D., Antonio Puente, Ph.D.,  Brian Kelley, Psy.D., Timothy Wynkoop, Ph.D., Jon Thompson, Psy.D., Sally Vogel, M.A. (Trainee Member)


Social Media Committee: The Committee’s role is to support and fulfill NAN’s social media goals (list in no particular order):
•    Build professionalism and the image of NAN as a powerful and credible professional organization
•    Improve the public image of neuropsychologists as professionals
•    Increase the image of NAN as a valued and trusted organization
•    Engage the neuropsychology community in discussions to build overall community
•    Grow NAN membership and relevance
•    Change practice through advocacy
•    Communicate important announcements, volunteer opportunities, and relevant new research findings
•    Collect real time feedback from members on NAN organizational matters


  Chair: Bonny Forrest, J.D., Ph.D.
Members: Jesse Brand, Ph.D., Christen Holder, Ph.D., Marlena Matusewicz, Psy.D., Thomas Parsons, Ph.D., Shahal Rozenblatt, Ph.D., Dede Ukueberuwa, M.S. (Trainee Member), Amanda Rach, M.S. (Trainee Member), John Capps (Trainee Member)

Journal Editors:


Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology:

Editor: Robert J. McCaffrey, Ph.D.

NAN Bulletin Editor: TBD
   NAN Bulletin Associate Editor: Eric Rinehardt, Ph.D.
NAN Book Series Editor: Steven Miller, Ph.D.



Other Committees:

   Past Presidents' Representative: Charles Golden, Ph.D..