Legislative Action & Advocacy Committee

The LAAC researches and studies public policy issues that impact the field of neuropsychology, provides feedback to the Board of Directors, takes a position on national legislative issues, communicates with elected officials on issues that pertain to neuropsychology, and educates the membership regarding laws that impact the field of neuropsychology.

  Co-Chair: Alice Holland, Ph.D. 

  Co-Chair: Stephanie Bajo, Psy.D. 

Committee Members: Justin O'Rourke (Co-Chair), Ph.D.,Tracy O'Connor Pennuto, J.D., Ph.D., Nabeel Yehyawi, Psy.D., Jacob Lutz, Ph.D., Maria Easter Cottingham, Ph.D., Casey LaDuke, Ph.D. (Trainee), Amanda Rach, M.S. (Trainee), Sarah Schubmehl, Ph.D. (Trainee), Megie Shean, Psy.D. (Trainee)