Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the scientific and professional aspects of the Annual Conference. In consultation with the President and Board of Directors, the Program Committee develops and implements a thematic scientific program of relevance to the needs of the NAN membership. The Chair of the Program Committee works closely with a wide range of collaborators, including the Past and Incoming Chairs, the Poster Chair, and the Program Committee Members, as well as the NAN Office and the Education Committee.

    2018 Program Chair: Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Ph.D.

Committee Members: Chriscelyn Tussey, Psy.D. (Program Chair-elect), Martin Rohling, Ph.D. (Immediate Past Program Chair), Chad Johnson, Ph.D. (Poster Chair), Wesley Cole, Ph.D. (Poster Chair-Elect), Sara Lippa, Ph.D. (Immediate Past Poster Chair), Kristin Wilmoth, CBIS
 (Student Volunteer Coordinator), Sandra Burmaster, M.S. (Student Volunteer Coordinator), Robert Annett, Ph.D., Ben Hill, Ph.D., Justin Miller, Ph.D., Melanie Chandler, Ph.D., Sara Sullivan, Ph.D., Maureen O'Connor, Psy.D. (Board Liaison)