Social Media Committee

The Committee’s role is to support and fulfill NAN’s social media goals (list in no particular order):
•    Build professionalism and the image of NAN as a powerful and credible professional organization
•    Improve the public image of neuropsychologists as professionals
•    Increase the image of NAN as a valued and trusted organization
•    Engage the neuropsychology community in discussions to build overall community
•    Grow NAN membership and relevance
•    Change practice through advocacy
•    Communicate important announcements, volunteer opportunities, and relevant new research findings
•    Collect real time feedback from members on NAN organizational matters

    Chair: Bonny Forrest, J.D., Ph.D. 

Committee Members: Jesse Brand, Ph.D., Christen Holder, Ph.D., Marlena Matusewicz, Psy.D., Shahal Rozenblatt, Ph.D., Dede Ukueberuwa, M.S. (Trainee Member), Amanda Rach, M.S. (Trainee Member), John Capps (Trainee Member), Dan Smith, M.S. (Trainee Member)


As a resource for NAN members, the Social Media Committee developed the following tips for using Facebook both personally and professionally.


Click here to access NAN's Social Media Policy.