Survival of the Fittest: Business Strategies for Neuropsychology for a Changing Healthcare Market 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
12:30 PM -2:00 PM ET

1.5 CE Credits

Presented by:
Mark T. Barisa, PhD, ABPP
Performance Neuropsychology PLLC

Extensive changes in healthcare policy have resulted in tremendous changes in the healthcare market in recent decades, with the arrival of a global pandemic accelerating some of these changes.  Neuropsychologists have seen changes in how they are paid, who is paying, how they practice, and steps that must be taken to see patients and receive payment.  With additional changes coming in the future, successful practices and neuropsychologists must adapt to the changes or fall victim to Darwinian economics and natural selection.  This workshop is designed to provide knowledge and practical strategies to help neuropsychologists not only survive, but thrive in the new healthcare marketplace.   The presentation will include an overview of recent and upcoming changes in healthcare policy, followed by detailed strategies to maintain a fiscally viable and sustainable practice.  Topics include understanding the environment/location where neuropsychologists work, rethinking models of neuropsychology services, strategies to increase practice diversification, and development of sustainable practice models.

After the webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Discuss at least three aspects of changes in healthcare policy that impact maintenance of a high-quality professional neuropsychology practice.  
2. Develop a method for evaluating strengths and weaknesses of neuropsychology business models and identifying strategies for change/improvement.
3. List two or more strategies to improve chances of success in the practice of neuropsychology.
4. Explain two or more ways to diversify a neuropsychology practice.
5. Describe the key economic concepts associated with a neuropsychology practice.

Target Audience:  Neuropsychologists and neuropsychology trainees who are looking to develop a more economically viable and sustainable neuropsychology practice.
Instructional Level: 
The workshop is designed to be beneficial for neuropsychologists, as well as interns and residents, with information suited for all levels of experience.

Dr. Barisa
is a licensed psychologist and board-certified clinical neuropsychologist with over 25 years of experience working in a wide variety of clinical settings. After receiving his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Memphis, he completed an internship and postdoctoral residency at the VA Medical Center in Little Rock with specific training in neuropsychology, health psychology, and geriatrics. Since that time, he has worked in a variety of clinical settings maintaining a focus in clinical neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, health psychology, and sports psychology, while also maintaining teaching and training activities for interns and residents. 

Dr. Barisa is currently in independent practice in Frisco, TX, as the owner and clinical neuropsychologist for Performance Neuropsychology PLLC. He maintains an active general clinical practice, while also providing direct concussion consultation for professional, college, high school, and youth athletes. He also provides specialty evaluations and consultation for disability determination, worker’s compensation, and other medico-legal applications. Dr. Barisa is active in leadership for multiple professional organizations, has authored or co-authored multiple professional publications, and is an accomplished presenter and speaker making numerous invited addresses at local, national and international conferences covering a wide array of topics including neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, sports neuropsychology, and the business aspects of psychological and neuropsychological practice.

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