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*Disclaimer: The ideas, tips, and suggestions provided here are designed to be supplemental in nature and not meant to replace mentorship and consultation through these processes. Please use them at your discretion; NAN is not responsible for any outcomes resulting from use of these materials in the application processes.

About the NAN Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee

The purpose of developing a NAN Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee (NANSPRC) was to create a central group led by trainees (students, interns, and postdoctoral fellows) under the auspice of the larger organization of NAN to enhance NAN’s current resources for future neuropsychologists; keep the NAN Board, committees, and committee student representatives apprised of trainee needs within NAN and the field of neuropsychology; increase student, intern, and post-doctoral fellow membership and help facilitate their transition to full membership; and create an interactive environment that enriches the relationship between trainees and current professionals.

The mission of the NAN Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee is to: a) promote the professional development of trainees in neuropsychology as both a clinical practice and a science, by providing resources and guidance for their academic and professional growth; and b) to empower trainees to become leaders and advocates within NAN, other organizations, and the profession of neuropsychology.

Who We Are:
The NAN Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee is a standing NAN Committee that reports directly to the Board of Directors. We are composed of 10 trainees (graduate students, pre-doctoral interns, and postdoctoral fellows), two professional NAN members that serve in mentorship/guidance roles, and a Board Liaison.

Current Initiatives:

A Call for Contributions to the NAN Foundation Website

NANSPC Trainee Education Series

Canadian Student Representative Pilot Program

  • NANSPRC is working hard to increase engagement with Canadian trainees and is reaching out to better address the training needs and academic/career goals that matter to you. To this end, the NANSPRC aims to create an email group of Canadian trainees who are interested in and want to receive exclusive e-mail blasts containing information from NAN with information relevant to Canadian trainees with interests in neuropsychology. We look forward to providing our Canadian trainee members with this direct means of communication with NAN to support you and your continued training. 

Communication Enhancement

  • The NANSPRC has overhauled our process for how we communicate with trainees, including the content of this webpage. Stay tuned for a new NANSPRC newsletter coming soon! 

    How do I get involved?

 NANSPRC’s success is owed to the students and trainees who collaborate on the many ongoing projects tailored to enhance students’ familiarity with NAN, foster professional development and growth, and encourage students’ leadership within the neuropsychology field.  

Please email us at to inquire about joining the committee or becoming involved in one of our many ongoing projects.

What are some of these projects?

As a NANSC member, you have the opportunity to…

  • Team up with members of the NAN Foundation and contribute meaningfully in the expansion and improvement of the NAN Foundation website. 
  • Write or contribute to sections for trainee newsletters.
  • Network with trainees and professionals.
  • Collaborate with other committees to carry out the mission of NAN.

The most significant role of NANSPRC members is to serve as a source of information for students and trainees, striving to address individual concerns and enhance students’ access to important educational/professional resources. 



Please stay tuned as information on the upcoming Annual Conference becomes available.



Definitions of Neuropsychology

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  • Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Neuropsychology (APPCN)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Guidelines (Houston Conference, ABPP, and ABN) 
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  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Guide  

Licensure & A Career in Neuropsychology  (NAN post-doctoral resident members login to view)

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  • The Path to Licensure 
  • Specific Licensing and Certification Requirements by State/Jurisdiction 
  • Information about the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) 

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Other Neuropsychology Student Organizations

Neuropsychology Journals

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    Neuropsychology Popular Book List 

NAN Members click here  to login and view the latest textbook and "casual reading" recommendations from the Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee, as well as a list of academic neuropsychology reference books. 


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