Neuropsychologists are increasingly being asked to provide evidence of effectiveness to support reimbursement for neuropsychological services, yet this information is not always easily accessible to neuropsychology practitioners.  In response to this challenge, the National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN) authorized its Legislative Action and Advocacy Committee (LAAC) to launch an initiative that would help NAN membership respond to these practice challenges.  The result was the Health Outcomes and Neuropsychology Efficacy Initiative (HONE-In).

The primary goal of HONE-In is to assist NAN membership in any effort to demonstrate the value of neuropsychological services through cost effectiveness and/or cost savings.  The HONE-In project was planned in three distinct phases described below.  We are proud the present the results of Phase I and we look forward to working with NAN membership as we begin Phase II.

Phase I

On March 15, 2012 an action alert and call to action was sent to NAN membership.  The call to action requested that NAN members send articles and/or citations to articles that referenced outcome utility of neuropsychological services.  The LAAC HONE-In team reviewed each article for conformance with the HONE-In objectives and, wherever possible, created a short summary of the articles and its outcome utility.  These summaries have been grouped by patient population and are now available in the links below.  These summaries and citations can be used by NAN members to provide evidence of the utility of NP services AND/OR as talking points in meetings or presentations about neuropsychological services.  Phase I is in the process of being updated.  

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Phase II

Phase II of the project is now underway!  In Phase II the NAN membership is asked to contribute questions regarding the utility of neuropsychological assessment rather than articles or citations.  The questions will be conceptualized as an issue-focused literature review project.  In response, the LAAC HONE-In team will provide a short narrative response, including a list of relevant citations.  Accumulation of citations for the references lists will be ongoing.  In addition, each citation will be reviewed and added to the article summaries created in Phase I.  

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