Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology is a bimonthly journal sponsored by the National Academy of Neuropsychology. The journal publishes original contributions dealing with psychological aspects of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders arising out of dysfunction of the central nervous system. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology will also consider manuscripts involving the established principles of the profession of neuropsychology: (a) delivery and evaluation of services, (b) ethical and legal issues, and (c) approaches to education and training. Preference will be given to empirical reports and key reviews. Brief research reports and commentaries on published articles (not exceeding two printed pages) will also be considered. At the discretion of the editor, rebuttals to commentaries may be in invited. Occasional papers of a theoretical nature will be considered.

International authors submitting manuscripts to ARCLIN and who desire assistance with statistical consulting and English language editing free of charge may take advantage of the Research and Editing Consulting Program (RECP) within the International Neuropsychological Society's International Liaison Committee by contacting contact Mary Beth Spitznagel, Ph.D.

The Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology has recently been accepted by the Publications review board for Medline and PubMed to be listed in Medline, and is also covered in ISI/Social Science Citation Index as well as APA.

Editor in Chief: Robert J. McCaffrey, Ph.D.

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The collected normative results of the NEURONORMA project

Special Issue of Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Led by Dr. Jordi Pena-Casanova, Dr. Rafael Blesa, and principal investigators from the Behavioral Neurology and Dementia Study group of the Spanish Society of Neurology, this research represents the largest and most comprehensive normative study for a Spanish population on selected common neuropsychological tests covering major cognitive areas: attention, language, visuo-spatial abilities, constructional tasks, memory, and executive functions.