Testing Code Information

Implementation Date: January, 2019


New Webinar Resource Available

Application of the New (and Old) CPT Codes in Neuropsychology Practice

This webinar was developed by NAN's Professional Affairs & Information Committee to provide up-to-date information regarding the application of the new (and old) neuropsychology-related CPT codes in clinical practice. While similar to the other webinars that have been developed, this webinar will address fundamental information about the underlying concepts and mechanisms related to billing and reimbursement. It will also address questions that were received by PAIC. The primary goal of this webinar is to give neuropsychologists the knowledge and tools needed to serve as advocates for themselves as they work to obtain reimbursement for clinical services in their specific areas of practice and geographic locations. An overview of practice models and the various codes associated with the practice of clinical neuropsychology are provided, along with detailed discussions of appropriate use with examples. This is not an interactive webinar, but questions can be submitted to PAICCommittee@nanonline.org, and these questions will be addressed in subsequent webinars after additional information is obtained.

To help address challenges and educate all stakeholders, APA Services developed the Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing Billing and Coding Guide, that provides a comprehensive overview of the structure, function, and utilization of the new code set.  As an additional resource, please also utilize the Addendum to the Guide, that provides three in-depth examples of how a neuropsychologist would code, document, and bill an entire episode of care for neuropsychological assessment.  APA Services is now working with state psychological associations to distribute the Guide to as many payers as possible.


I. Background of APA Efforts to Support Code Changes Favorable for Psychologists

 Overview Document from APA: Test Code Changes, Crosswalks & Reimbursement 

III. Crosswalks: Current Codes Linked to Replacement Codes & Description of Services

Comprehensive List of New Codes & Code Descriptions 

V. FAQs on Code Changes

VI. Recordings of Previous Coding Webinars

VII. How to Implement the Codes/Coding in Practice

VIII. Documents Issued by Medicare with Final Rulings – November 6, 2018 

IX. Medicare/Medicaid Document Detailing Rule Changes/Rationale (2,379 page document – use search function to help maneuver. Relevant pages include pgs 441-448, pg. 498)

X. Summary Chart of Finalized RVUs Associated With Specific CPT Codes 

XI. General Information About RVUs: What they are and how they are used

RVU Background:  How RVUs are assigned value