February 29, 2024 | 12:00-1:30 PM ET | 1.5 CE Credit

Everything You Need to Know About Assessment and Intervention in Young Adults with ADHD
Part 2: Designing Interventions

Presented By:
Margaret M. Dawson, Ed.D.
Psychologist, Center for Learning and Attention Disorders, Seacoast Mental Health Center
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Young adults with ADHD often benefit from structured interventions. Assessment is helpful in determining a diagnosis, but these individuals often have difficulty carrying out recommendations independently. Neuropsychologists, speech therapists, and executive coaches are examples of providers who can help these individuals beyond the initial assessment. Part 2 of this series will outline a coaching model for working with young adults with ADHD.

Learning Objectives
After the webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Describe methods for directing clients on the best way to restructure their environment to reduce the impact of weak executive skills.
2. Create a realistic change plan that enables clients with ADHD to improve executive skills in situations and settings they identify as problematic.
3. Discuss effective strategies clients with ADHD can use to cope with executive skill challenges in the workplace, the home, and in relationships.

Target Audience: Psychologists and mental health professionals who diagnose and treat ADHD in adults.

Instructional Level:

Margaret M. Dawson, Ed.D.,
is a school psychologist by training with expertise in the assessment of learning and attention disorders. She has over 40 years of clinical experience working with both children and adults with executive skill challenges. Along with her colleague, Dr. Richard Guare, she has written numerous books on this topic for educators, mental health professionals, and parents, including “Smart but Scattered,” “Smart but Scattered Teens,” “The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success,” and “Coaching Students with Executive Skills Challenges.” Dr. Dawson is a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the International School Psychology Association, and is a recipient of NASP’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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