Thank you to all NAN volunteers!

Your contributions of time, talent and expertise help us provide members with resources, education, standards of practice, clinical practice guidelines and so much more.

NAN encourages members to join a committee that fit your area of expertise or interest. These committees offer you opportunities to influence the practice and study of medicine, network with colleagues in your field of expertise, and participate in leadership activities of the National Academy of Neuropsychology.

The Benefits of Volunteerism

The strength of the National Academy of Neuropsychology depends on member involvement . Get Involved! 

Have an impact on the direction of NAN

Increase awareness of issues affecting our profession

Make a contribution to the field of Neuropsychology

Networking opportunities- make connections and meet colleagues and from all over the world

Learn or develop leadership skills that will help with career advancement

 To indicate your interest in one of NAN’s committees, simply login to your member record, go to the Demographics page, and check the box next to your desired committee on the Committee Interest tab. You can also e-mail your interest to the NAN Office

Clinical Research Grants Committee

The Clinical Research Grants Committee assists the NAN membership by selecting projects that focus on the practice of clinical neuropsychology and professional issues. The program funds work that, because of its clinical and applied emphasis, may be less likely to receive support funded through other grant mechanisms. The program seeks applications that will advance the profession of neuropsychology by enhancing general clinical knowledge and practice approaches. The Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the NAN Board of Directors for funding. Routine duties include issuing calls for grant proposals from the NAN membership, coordinating the review process with the committee members, and monitoring the grants throughout the year(s) of award. Click here for more information on applying and previous recipients.

Chair: Robert Roth, Ph.D.

Committee Members: Sara Lippa, Ph.D., Adam Gerstenecker, Ph.D., Matthew Wright, Ph.D., Preeti Sunderaraman, Ph.D., Christopher Stewart, Ph.D., Vidyulata Kamath, Ph.D., Andrew Kiselica, Ph.D., Dawn Mechanic-Hamilton, Ph.D., Rayna Hirst, Ph.D., Denise Carballea, M.S. (Trainee Member), Mark Fischer, Ph.D. (Trainee Member). 

Conflict of Interest Committee

The Task Force on Conflict of Interest (Task Force) was formed by the Policies and Procedures Committee of the National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN) in December 2002 to respond to concerns of conflict of interest raised by the general membership at the annual NAN meeting in Miami in October 2002. The Task Force's charge was to examine issues of conflict of interest as they related to NAN and to arrive at specific recommendations, policies and procedures, and implementation strategies. The Task Force has expressly focused on matters of non-trivial conflict of interest and not on more general issues of practice ethics. One main objective of the Task Force has been to increase awareness of NAN leaders and members to issues of conflict of interest.

Jill Hayes, Ph.D.

Committee Members: David Tupper, Ph.D., Carlton Gass, Ph.D. 

Culture and Diversity Committee

The mission of the NAN Culture and Diversity Committee is to increase awareness and knowledge regarding the influence of culture and individual diversity in neuropsychological outcomes and to assist neuropsychologists in their efforts to meet the needs of a rapidly changing U.S. population. 

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Chair: Paola Suarez, Ph.D. 

Committee Members: 
David Gonzalez, Ph.D., Lawrence Pick, Ph.D., Luz Restrepo, Psy.D., Adriana Strutt, Ph.D., Audrina Mullane, Ph.D., Mirella Diaz-Santos, Ph.D., Kendra Anderson, Ph.D., Samantha Henry, Ph.D. (Trainee)

DistanCE eLearning Committee

The DistanCE eLearning Committee maintains, advances and develops online continuing education programs. DistanCE offers Internet-based continuing education courses.

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 Anthony Giuliano, Ph.D.

Committee Members: 
Mark Zacharewicz, Ph.D., Gabrielle Wilcox, Psy.D., Lonnie Bradford, Psy.D., Alison Tverdov, Psy.D., Kristin Wilmoth, Ph.D., Efland Amerson, Psy.D., Kelly Cornett, Psy.D., Aya Haneda, M.A. (Trainee)

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides the overall organization and supervision of the continuing education activities of the Academy ensuring all APA guidelines and requirements are met.

Julie Horwitz, Ph.D.

Committee Members: Carey Mintz, Ph.D., Martin Woon, Ph.D., Kahtleen Goodall, Ph.D., Y. Evie Garcia, Ph.D., Pooja Vekaria, Ph.D., Tammy Wilgenbusch, Ph.D., Winter Olmos (Trainee)

Honors and Awards Committee

The Honors and Awards Committee seeks out nominations, determines eligibility, and evaluates nominees for a number of NAN awards. For each award, the Committee uses standardized criteria to recommend a short list of finalists to the Board of Directors. The Committee is also responsible for proposing changes to the Board of Directors regarding the rules and regulations related to the Committee’s work.

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Bradley Axelrod, Ph.D. 

Committee Members: Daniel Marson, J.D., Ph.D., Ryan Schroeder, Psy.D., Alison Donnell, Ph.D., Pete Stavinoha, Ph.D., Robert Ruchinskas, Psy.D., Katherine Gifford, Psy.D., Kelsey Hewitt, Psy.D. (Trainee)

Legislative Action & Advocacy Committee

The LAAC researches and studies public policy issues that impact the field of neuropsychology, provides feedback to the Board of Directors, takes a position on national legislative issues, communicates with elected officials on issues that pertain to neuropsychology, and educates the membership regarding laws that impact the field of neuropsychology.
Co-Chair: Justin O'Rourke, Ph.D. 
Co-Chair: Sarah Cook, Ph.D.

Committee Members: Andrea Casher, Psy.D., Daryaneh Badaly, Ph.D., Lindsey Frazier-Goss, Psy.D., Matthew Garlinghouse, Ph.D., Casey LaDuke, Ph.D., K. Chase Bailey, Ph.D., Erik Ringdahl, Ph.D., Michelle Chen (Trainee), Anne Carlew, Ph.D. (Trainee), Zach Resch (Trainee)

Membership Committee 

The general purpose of this committee is to recruit and retain members, to review applications for membership, and to develop new and innovative ways to attract new members as well as retain current membership.
Chair:  Jasdeep Hundal, Psy.D.
Committee Members: Alyssa Braaten, Ph.D., Brandon Korman, Psy.D., Patricia Ebert, Ph.D., Jon Bentz, Ph.D., Sean Hollis, Ph.D., Alison Donnell, Ph.D., Jessica Rivera, Psy.D., Docia Demmin (Traineee)

Policy and Planning Committee

The role and function of the Policy & Planning Committee is to develop recommendations to present to the Board of Directors relative to such matters as long-term goals and planning and amendments to the By-Laws.

Chair: Robin Hilsabeck, Ph.D.

Committee Members: Tannahill Glen, Psy.D. (Co-Chair), Patricia Espe-Pfeifer, Ph.D., Shawn Acheson, Ph.D., Molly Colvin, Ph.D., Scott Sperling, Psy.D., Jason Bailie, Ph.D. Tahlia Bragg (Trainee)

Professional Affairs and Information Committee

The Professional Affairs and Information Committee (PAIC) was developed to address professional issues in neuropsychology. The PAIC’s goals are to provide practice-related information to the NAN membership, provide professional advocacy on behalf of clinical neuropsychology and consumers of neuropsychological services, develop and provide practice-related information and resources, promote the profession of clinical neuropsychology by interacting with local and national organizations that directly impact the profession of neuropsychology (e.g., health insurance companies, other health care professionals) and educate the general public regarding neuropsychology’s role in health care.

Chair: Jonathan Woodhouse, Psy.D. 

Committee Members: David Lechuga, Ph.D., Trevor Hall, Psy.D., Caleb Peck, Psy.D., Stephanie Pennington, Ph.D., Nicholas Bott, Psy.D., Kari Eng, Psy.D., Jennifer Morgan, Psy.D. (Consultant)

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the scientific and professional aspects of the Annual Conference. In consultation with the President and Board of Directors, the Program Committee develops and implements a thematic scientific program of relevance to the needs of the NAN membership. The Chair of the Program Committee works closely with a wide range of collaborators, including the Past and Incoming Chairs, the Poster Chair, and the Program Committee Members, as well as the NAN Office and the Education Committee.

2021 Program Chair: Jill Winegardner, Ph.D.

Committee Members:  John Randolph, Ph.D.(Immediate Past Program Chair), Summer Rolin, Psy.D.( Past Poster Chair),  Victoria Merritt, Ph.D. (Poster Chair),  Christopher Bailey, Ph.D., Thomas Bergquist, Ph.D., Nancy Chiaravalloti, Ph.D., Monique Pappadis, Ph.D., Lance Trexler, Ph.D., Patricia Garcia, Psy.D. (Trainee), Paula Karina Perez, Psy.D. (Trainee),  Jack Lennon (Student Volunteer Coordinator), Kirk Szczepkowski (Student Volunteer Coordinator)

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee oversees the publication of the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, the NAN Book Series and the NAN Bulletin.

Chair: Louis French, Ph.D. 

Committee Members: Deborah Snell, Ph.D., Jan Kennedy, Ph.D., Amelia Anderson-Mooney, Ph.D., Matthew Clem, Ph.D., Victor Del Bene, Ph.D., Seth Margolis, Ph.D., Racheal Smetana (Trainee), Emily Hallowell (Trainee)

Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology Editor: Gregory P. Lee, Ph.D.
NAN Bulletin Editor: Shawn McClintock, Ph.D.
NAN Bulletin Co-Editor: Lana Harder, Ph.D.
NAN Book Series Editor: L.Steven Miller, Ph.D. 

Social Media Committee

The Committee’s role is to support and fulfill NAN’s social media goals (list in no particular order): Build professionalism and the image of NAN as a powerful and credible professional organization, Improve the public image of neuropsychologists as professionals, Increase the image of NAN as a valued and trusted organization, Engage the neuropsychology community in discussions to build overall community, Grow NAN membership and relevance, Change practice through advocacy, Communicate important announcements, volunteer opportunities, and relevant new research findings and Collect real time feedback from members on NAN organizational matters.

Chair: P. Tyler Roskos, Ph.D.

Committee Members: 
Alexandria Perle, Psy.D., Daniel Brown, Ph.D., Kristin Addison-Brown, Ph.D., Douglas Gibson, Psy.D., Justin Lee, Ph.D., Kaltra Dhima, Ph.D., Jacob Varela (Trainee), Tahnae Tarkenton Allen, Ph.D. (Trainee), Shelby Hunter (Trainee)

Trainee Committee

The mission of the NAN Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee is to: a) promote the professional development of trainees in neuropsychology as both a clinical practice and a science, by providing resources and guidance for their academic and professional growth; and b) to empower trainees to become leaders and advocates within NAN, other organizations, and the profession of neuropsychology.

Chair: Chad Gaudet, M.S.

Co-chair: Jacob Koudys 

Committee Members
Julia Maietta (Past Chair), Haley Bednarz, Lauren Bolen, Micah Savin, Brandon Frank, John O'Hara, Psy.D., Tasha Rhoads, Victor Tran, Ryan Thompson, Laura Campbell

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Women in Leadership Committee

The mission of the NAN Women in Leadership (WIL) Committee is to educate,encourage, and mentor female neuropsychologists to become leaders within NAN and in the field. Our sponsored conference events are designed to provide an opportunity for casual networking in a fun and positive environment.

 Nyaz Didehbani, Ph.D.

Committee Members: 
Paige Mission, Ph.D., Tiffany Cummings, Psy.D., Kathryn Dunham, Psy.D., Janice Marceaux, Ph.D., Kayla Whearty, Ph.D., Ellen Woo, Ph.D., Cortney Bindrich, Ed.D., Jennifer Peraza, Psy.D., Sydney Park (Trainee), Lauren Ratcliffe (Trainee)

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