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Join NAN for an inclusive meeting, allowing for flexible, global participation October 12-15, 2022. The hybrid experience will provide impactful opportunities to engage NAN's membership in-person and virtually. 

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Supporting Sponsors 

PAR, Inc.

To learn more about PAR and our superior quality assessments, please visit owned and operated, PAR was founded in 1978 by R. Bob Smith III, PhD, and his wife, Cathy, to fill a void in the development and distribution of psychological assessment instruments. Over the years, our company has earned a reputation for providing customers with innovative and high-quality assessment instruments and unparalleled customer service. Today, PAR is a leading publisher of psychological assessment instruments in print and digital formats. We offer almost 500 instruments that cover constructs such as personality/mood, neuropsychology, forensics, achievement/development, intelligence/cognitive, behavior/health, and vocational. Our online assessment platform, PARiConnect, is the most reliable platform in our industry and is continually evolving, adding new tests, forms, and features. One of our core values is to give back to the community, and PAR donates a portion of company profits to those in need. Our dedicated staff of employees provide financial support and volunteer their time and talents to a variety of causes that focus on helping others. To learn more about PAR and our superior assessments, please visit


Cognistat – a global leader in cognitive health, offers healthcare professionals a rapid non-invasive neurocognitive assessment and screening test used by healthcare professionals to identify cognitive impairments associated with various neurological or psychological conditions such as (but not limited to) depression, and anxiety, dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury. It quickly assesses cognitive functioning in the five major ability areas: language, spatial skills, memory, calculations, and reasoning.

Cognistat provides a domain specific profile that helps in highlighting the affected area of the brain functions and uses normative data to assist the healthcare provider for the effective selection of further evaluation steps or treatments. 

Cognistat allows for alternative delivery and interaction with healthcare providers. In addition, it permits longitudinal comparisons between repeated assessments. These are crucial for enabling healthcare providers to adjust treatment and demonstrate the effectiveness of both treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, they can use assessment data archives and clinical outcomes to optimize treatment strategies for various disorders.

An integral part of provision of leading-edge care is through the ongoing evolution of patient care through innovation, research and novel thinking in health care. 
More than ever, patient care and engagement are evolving through several main concepts; the use and leveraging of technology to advance care, moving towards personalized/precision care, and understanding the biological underpinnings of mental health issues.

With over 400 peer reviewed scientific publications in brain injury, dementia, stroke, and other neurodegenerative disorders Cognistat has demonstrated its validity and reliability.


Contributing Sponsors

Bancroft NeuroRehab

At Bancroft NeuroRehab, we meet people at various stages of recovery and create an individualized treatment plan to help them achieve their goals and live life to its fullest potential. Bancroft NeuroRehab offers a broad spectrum of care, with a 360 degree approach to rehabilitation following a brain injury, stroke, concussion, and the effects of Parkinson's, MS, lingering COVID symptoms, and other neurological conditions. 

Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

A leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years, Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) serves clients in educational, clinical, corporate, public safety, government, military, pharmaceutical, and research settings. MHS has grown to become an international company with products sold in more than 75 countries and translated into over 50 languages. With offices in North America and partners around the world, MHS is dedicated to strong product growth, an optimal user experience, and being digitally and globally driven.MHS has developed leading products such as the Conners suite of ADHD assessments, the Level of Service suite of assessments, and the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®). These products have demonstrated our commitment to innovation and quality.
Kessler Foundation

With the support of our donors, Kessler Foundation drives positive change for people with disabilities. We conduct groundbreaking rehabilitation and disability employment research and fund innovative initiatives to provide access to job opportunities. The Foundation bears the name of Henry H. Kessler, MD, PhD, who founded Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation to help people with disabilities regain function and achieve maximum independence. Today, Dr. Kessler’s vision is reflected in the institutions that bear his name.



American Board of Professional Neuropsychology

American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (ABN) has granted board certification in clinical neuropsychology for 40 years. ABN is recognized by CRSSPP to permit those credentialed by ABN to list said credential in the APA membership directory. ABN encourages the pursuit of excellence and recognized competence in skills relevant to the practice of clinical neuropsychology. ABN’s credentialing process involves a credential review, multiple choice examination, work sample, and oral examination.  Our mentors are available throughout the process to assist applicants and answer questions. ABN applicants must fulfill all core skills and knowledge competency guidelines as defined by the Houston Conference. Diplomats enjoy a collegial, welcoming atmosphere with ample opportunity to participate in leadership activities. 

For further information related to board certification and opportunities available, please reach out to Paula Cooper, PhD, ABN at


Coviu provides simple, secure, and engaging telehealth software. Since launching in 2018, Coviu’s platform has hosted nearly 6 million calls by more than 65,000 healthcare professionals. The Coviu platform integrates seamlessly with a suite of clinical tools, including the stimulus books of Pearson’s most commonly used standardized assessments including the WISC-V, WAIS-IV, WIAT-IV, KBIT-II, KTEA-III, RBANS, BDI-II, BAI, and BHS. Coviu is easy for patients and providers to use, and can be quickly customized and deployed for organizations of all sizes.  

The Coviu difference: 
✓Private and Secure: HIPAA Compliant, and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe & secure.
✓ Seamless Across All Devices: Coviu has you covered on any iOS, Android, Mac, Linux or PC ‎device.
✓ Powerful Apps: Extend your telepractice capabilities using integrated tools (image, document, video and screen sharing) and a range of standardized assessments via our partnership with Pearson.
✓ Reliable: Trusted by 65K+ clinicians, who have held 5M+ consultations to date. Hosting 25K+ calls per day. 
✓ Easy for Patients: No downloads, installations or account creation required. Patients just click a link and connect!
✓ Customizable: Design the perfect experience for your patients with customizable branding, URL, waiting music, patient intake forms, and exit questionnaires. 
✓ Flexible to your needs: Replicate your organization's workflows with features such as a central waiting area, payment capture, appointment bookings, automated patient notifications, and EHR/PMS integrations. 

National Alliance of Testing Psychologists (NAOTP)

NAOTP is unique in that it is a repository of testing psychologists who can be found by a public searchable database for those looking for either a local specialist or one available via telehealth (including those with PSYPACT).

The National Alliance of Testing Psychologists (NAOTP) is an organization which serves three main purposes:
1. Connecting psychologists who do testing with their colleagues
2. Connecting psychologists with prospective clients who may have difficulty finding professionals for specific types of testing
3. Actively marketing and promoting its members via social media and other online venues

In addition, within the membership portal, psychologists can also chat with each other, form subcommittees for subspecialties or organizations, and search for their colleagues using variables that may not be included in the public database.

Finally, what really sets us apart from other psychological organizations is that we actively market NAOTP through multiple arenas via social media, state and national organizations, etc.,. Your membership fee is going towards not only collaboration, public service, and community support, but also active marketing of your business.

FYI, it usually takes only one client referral from NAOTP to pay for the entire annual fee!

We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

Oxford University Press

As the largest university press, OUP is a truly global brand, recognized throughout the world as a trusted provider of quality research and evidence-based practice content. Our collection includes some of the world’s most prestigious and respected books and journals, including Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, NAN’s Series on Evidenced-Based Practice, and the newly updated fourth edition of A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests (edited by Sherman et al.) Our publishing program serves the clinical neuropsychologists, graduate students, practitioners, and university trainers at all levels, publishing important and rigorous research and practical resources across the field of neuropsychology.