$200,000 in Grant Support to Research the Neuropsychological Effects of COVID-19 in Older Adults from Health Disparity Populations (NeuroCOVID)

NAN and Alzheimer’s Association are partnering to launch a targeted request for applications focused on research on the neuropsychological impact of COVID-19 in older adults from health disparity populations. These grants are intended to support early career researchers in addressing the cognitive effects of SARS COVID-19. There will be two awards each for $100,000 in support of this effort. 

Can your research provide answers?
As the long-term clinical consequences of COVID-19 are better understood, it is becoming apparent that neurological and neuropsychological manifestations are common in those who contract the disease. However, although neurological complications arising from stroke, encephalopathies, inflammatory syndrome, microbleeds and autoimmune responses have been noted, there are very few empirical investigations into the cognitive correlates of COVID-19 infection. Thus, it remains unknown if cognitive features of COVID-19 are affected by psychosocial factors, symptom severity, and hospitalization status.
Letter of Intent Deadline: October 7, 2021