Fueling Brain Vitality: The Role of Nutrition and Supplements in Promoting Brain Health


Dr. Selhub, a globally renowned physician specializing in resilience and acclaimed author will guide through the science-backed strategies and practical mindset necessary to optimize brain function. As we age, prioritizing our brain health becomes increasingly vital. This presentation explores cutting-edge research highlighting how proper nutrition and vitamin intake can enhance cognitive abilities, fortify memory, and mitigate age-related cognitive decline. Dr. Selhub's expertise, coupled with her insightful guidance, promises deep insights into fostering brain health effectively.

Leveraging her extensive experience, Dr. Selhub will share evidence-based approaches to nourishing the brain, spotlighting the role of key nutrients that are crucial for cognitive function. From omega-3 fatty acids to the microbiome, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how these nutrients work synergistically to support brain function and promote overall well-being.

About Eva Selhub, MD

Dr. Eva Selhub is a globally recognized expert in resilience, physician, executive coach, acclaimed author, sought-after keynote speaker, and spiritual advisor. Her transformative energy, intuitive guidance, scientific expertise, and practical mindset inspire profound change and growth in her clients and audiences worldwide.  With nearly two decades as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and as a former Medical Director at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Eva's expertise in leadership, well-being, and resilience is unparalleled. She redefines approaches to these facets, blending alternative healing methods, strategic thinking, and purposeful living. With her unique blend, Dr. Eva empowers executives to embrace purpose-driven leadership, fostering environments where well-being and resilience are foundational. Her methodologies not only elevate professional performance but also cultivate harmonious work cultures where conflict resolution becomes a strategic asset rather than a challenge.

Through tailored consultations, workshops, and coaching sessions, Dr. Eva empowers executives by blending scientific insight with spiritual wisdom. This transformative method enriches leadership capabilities and cultivates a mindset that enables executives to navigate challenges with clarity and empathy. Executives under Dr. Eva's guidance witness a shift—embracing a holistic view of leadership that harmonizes personal well-being, resilience, and strategic acumen. This comprehensive approach doesn't solely enhance professional performance; it also triggers a profound shift in organizational dynamics, fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and enduring success.

Dr. Eva is a highly acclaimed speaker, offering keynotes on resilience, preventing burnout, spirituality, and bridging medicine. She has authored six books, Burnout for Dummies, Resilience for Dummies, Your Health Destiny, The Stress Management Handbook, The Love Response, and the co-author of Your Brain on Nature.  She has been featured in esteemed publications like The New York Times, authored multiple scientific publications, and has been showcased on national and international media platforms. 

For more information on Dr. Eva, please visit www.drselhub.com. 

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