CE Letters Now Available

Thank you for attending NAN's 38th Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana! We hope you enjoyed your conference experience. To print/save a copy of your CE letter, click on the button below. You will be asked to login using your last name and PIN from your conference name badge.

Cant find your PIN number? Click here to enter your email address and retrieve your PIN number.
Missing Credits? If you attended a course for which you did not receive credit, please complete a Discrepancy & Attestation Form and return it to the NAN office.
Course Evaluations: Still available online at www.nanconference.com and in the mobile app

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Throwback to NAN’s 1996 Annual Conference in NOLA

Now is your chance to relive, or perhaps experience for the first time, the 1996 Presidential Address on NeuroWrestling from NAN’s very own Dr. Jeffrey T. Barth.

“I hope folks will discover that NAN can be FUN too," added Dr. Barth recently. Please enjoy the throwback presentation!